Go Public ! -BOKU's Happy Diary-

July 31, 2004

The seminar by the another type of business

I'll go to the seminar what held by the another type of business today.
The thema is the strategy of mail-ordar sales.

I'm interseted in a field of marketing.
Mail-ordar sales and Marketing are related.

I want to get the idea for new business!


July 30, 2004

I stayed in all day long.

It's sunny day.

I didn't go out today...I only went to a supermarket.
I read many books today and sorted out papers.
And then I read many fliers and sort out washing.

I became worker like homemaker!!


July 29, 2004

Preparing for the first meeting of FP project!

I'm preparing for the first meeting of FP project.
I cooperate with FP group.
I don't know whether it becomes business or not.

But attempting is the value!


July 28, 2004

Nominication is very important!

I went to FP seminar yesterday.
Many persons participating in its seminar are professional.

I want to be believed from them.
So I go to drink with them.

Nominication is very important!!


July 26, 2004

I live at work...all day long.

I stayed in all day long.
But I felt working.
Because my place of residence and office are the same.

I read so many business books.
I have to do my best!!


July 25, 2004

The Expensive Book!

診療所開業マニュアル〈2004‐2005年版〉―競合時代を勝ち抜くための I bought the business book what I need in Junkudo.
Its book is very expensive!

Do you think how much is it?

....30.000 yen.

Why is it expensive?
I don't understand....but I bought it.


Making the report of Second Meeting!

I finished making the report of meeting what was held yesterday.

Leaving the record is very important.
If the time passed away,the memory gradually become unclear.

Let's leave the record!!


Second meeting of the board

There was the second meeting of the board today.
We made out the schedule for a project.
The schedule was finally decided by the adjustment of each directors.
So we had a term.

We gradually become serious.
We have to achieve each promise.


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