Go Public ! -BOKU's Happy Diary-

August 31, 2004

I'll go to look at "Lovers"

Do you know FamilyMart?
I received the cinema theater ticket in FamilyMart today.

I'll go to Burg theater in Umeda tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a film festival day.
Every month first is a film festival day at Burg theater.

So the ticket is 1000yen.
I can enter at a low price,and can look at "Lovers".

I'm looking forward to going!


August 26, 2004

I don't go out all day long...maybe

There is no schedule to which I go out all day long today.

But it's sunny day.
I want to go out and play.

If I didn't have anxiety of work,I go out...


August 20, 2004

3% club of high income

I'll go to 3% club of high income today.
I participated in this seminar last year.
I respect the teacher who is holding the seminar.
His name is Ishihara.
He have the very good sense of marketing.

And then his seminar became the cause which I resign...


August 19, 2004

Today is my birthday!

Hello! Everyone!

Today is my birthday.
So I thank for my mother.

Thank you for bearing me :-)


August 13, 2004

I plan to meet one man whom I could not meet today.

I could not meet one man on Monday.

He went to Hongkong last week and he was very tired.
So he overslept to get over fatigue.

I'm glad to meet him today.
He treat me to drink...It's white lie :-)



たこまんじゅう (10個入り)
Do you know "the steamed bun of octopus".
"the steaed bun of octopus" is "TAKOMANZYU".

I could not eat it yesterday.
Because we are very hurry.

If I can get chance,I want to eat it.


August 12, 2004

I'll go to Ehime!

I have to meet important Ehime's customer with CEO and COO of my company today.
So we will go to Ehime by the car.
But the highway may be crowded because of the Bon festival.


August 09, 2004

I'm going to meet the person who met before.

I participated in Gasi Exchange Meeting before.
I met the man who managed the type of business meeting.

I'm going to meet him in Umeda today.
I have to explain my business.

I'm looking foward to meeting him ;-)


August 08, 2004

The health is most important thing for the entrepreneur!

I don't get exercise recently.
But the health is most important thing for the entrepreneur.
So I have to get exercise for my health.

I'll play footsal with 7act's friends in Suita today.

Is it O.K??


August 03, 2004

Fire Festival of Yodogawa

Vice-president made plan to go to the fire festival of Yodogawa with me and our friend.
But vice-president can't go to there.
He have to go to Tokyo on a business trip.

Poor man!!

...I and our friend will go to the fire festival of Yodogawa today.


August 02, 2004

I'll also go to seminar today!

I'll go to seminar today.
The theme of seminar is "How to participate the meeting of another type business!".

I don't have to go to the seminar.
But I think I need to meet many people.

So I'll go to there!