Go Public ! -BOKU's Happy Diary-

September 27, 2004

The basis of the business is very simple!

I'll visit some hospital without an appointment.
The basis of the business is meeting.
So I'll meet people to work in hospital.
It's very simple reason.

I'll go to hospital in Kyoto!!


September 07, 2004

Influence of the typhoon

Oh my god!
My friend could not go to Thailand by influence of the typhoon today.
He has only a short vacation.
But he was able to change departure.
So he can go to there tomorrow.

The typhoon also gives a damage to economy.
I have never thought it.
I understand a damage with the head.
But I don't experience it.
It's reason.

My friend experienced.
So I understood a damage with the head.


September 06, 2004

Emotional Marketing

I am intereseted in emotional marketing.
Why do they buy something?
So they are shaken by emotion.

Emotional marketing is gradually important in Japan.
I have to study emotional marketing.
It's difficult for me to take the infomation in Japan.

I want to go to America...